Domestic and commercial products

Our water harvesting and watercare range is continually growing.

  • Rainwater harvesting control systems

    Rainwater harvesting control systems

    Orchard Watercare offers a full range of rainwater harvesting systems for both domestic and commercial applications, capable of distributing water from a range of 4.8 cu.m/hour to an impressive 25 cu.m/hour. Our contol systems are designed to supply 'on demand' water to appliances utilisibg either self priming submersible or above ground pumps. All systems provide 'mains water' back up in the event of the rain harvesting tank running dry. View the full range here...

  • Solar heating

    Solar heating

    Orchard Watercare offers the unique ThermaTwin solar heating system for both domestic and commercial applications. Click here...

  • Watercare tanks

    Watercare tanks

    Manufactured from high density polyethylene, our tanks are extremely robust but comparatively lightweight. Designed to be used in a wide range of applications, above or below ground, e.g. pump stations, rainwater harvesting, sewage and water storage applications, these tanks can easily be adapted for use in other industries for bulk liquid and various agricultural storage applications. View above ground or below ground tanks ...

  • Garden


    Our garden system can be used with either above or below ground rain harvesting tanks. An intelligent submersible pump is employed which shuts off when the water level in the tank is low. The pump connects to a simple pipe connection located on the external wall of the tank which can be connected to either a garden tap or hose connection. All garden systems come with 10 metres of power cable and a plug which is simply plugged into a mains socket. There is an option of a wall mounted tap or a buried tap box. Download data sheet...

  • Accessories


    Orchard Watercare offers a full range of accessories to compliment the rainwater harvesting products, such as filters, calmed inlets, overflow, pumps etc. View all products.

  • Separator alarms

    Separator alarms

    Our separator alarm range act as a warning system alerting the end user of potential pollution incidents before they happen. This enables the end user to meet the Environment Agency's stringent guidelines relating to interceptors, their monitoring and upkeep. Our separator alarms provide accurate monitoring on your site for high oil and high liquid levels in addition to measuring the build up of silt within your interceptor. View all products...