Discover how solar heating can make a difference

Solar heating systems can improve efficiency and cut costs

What is ThermaTwin?

ThermaTwin is a solar thermal panel that provides up to 70% of your annual domestic hot water for ‘free’, courtesy of the sun.
- Solar PV powered pumps and controls means its completely ‘off grid’, and therefore zero running costs
- Freeze tolerant – no glycol or anti-freeze means zero maintenance
- Robust and reliable – hail, football and vandal proof
- Manufactured in the UK to EN 12975 & ISO 9001

How does ThermaTwin work?

ThermaTwin is a flat plate solar collector that provides domestic hot water. It absorbs the UV rays of the sun (even on cloudy days) and heats the water tubes within the panel. The water tubes are flexible, and therefore ‘freeze tolerant’ – meaning no damage is caused should the panel freeze overnight.

As a result the domestic hot water direct from the existing tank can be used and no anti-freeze is required, simplifying the installation of a ThermaTwin system as opposed to traditional Solar Thermal. Performance is enhanced as pure water absorbs more energy than a water/anti-freeze mix.

An on-board solar photo-voltaic (PV) panel provides sufficient energy to power the controls and the pump – making ThermaTwin completely off-grid and free to run.

The elimination of complicated controls, anti-freeze, drain back and mains operated pumps & valves make ThermaTwin extremely reliable. The panel is lightweight and is usually installed in less than a day. Download data sheet