How rainwater harvesting makes a difference

Discover how our clients have benefitted from rainwater harvesting systems.

  • Case study

    Tarmac Building Products - Colchester

    Complete Design, Supply, Install and Commission

    Rainwater from the buildings and yard area is being collected in 4 sumps around the plant and was being pumped away to land drain. Tarmac decided they wanted to harvest this water for use on site for toilets, sprinklers and outdoor taps. Orchard were commissioned to carry out the job where we diverted the water from the sumps to a 10,000 litre tank. From the tank, the water was connected to all the various outlets and distrubuted via an intelligent submersible pump. Water pipes were laid around the building and each supply from the sumps was passed through it's own filter prior to entering the collection tank. Outdoor pipes were lagged and attached to cable tray.

    We are very pleased with the works you and your colleague did here

    Darren Boley - Plant Maintenance Engineer

  • Roos Wind Farm

    Complete Design, Supply, Install and Commission

    This remote site utilises water from a bore hole to supply the facilities at their sub-station.
    However, the water quality was very poor with high levels of chemicals causing the water to stain sinks and toilets.
    Orchard Watercare Ltd. supplied a water purification system comprising of a PH Correction Unit with an Iron and Manganese Filter.
    The results are incredible as can be seen in the before and after photo.

  • NEXT distribution warehouse - Doncaster

    Complete Design, Supply and Commission

    Completed in 2016, this warehouse harvests rainwater to supply over 30 toilets within the building.
    The holding tanks with a total capacity of 42,000 litres, are housed on the top floor of the building, providing gravity fed water to the facilities on the floors below.

  • Private Domestic Household - West Midlands

    Complete Design, Supply, Installation and Commission

    The client wanted to harvest water from their home and various outbuildings to supply water to their home in order to come off the grid.
    Orchard Watercare Ltd. designed the system and carried out the complete installation and commissioning.
    Using our 6,500 litre tank to collect the rainwater, the water was pumped back into the house using an on demand submersible pump installed inside the tank. This pumped water into an out house, passing through a pre filter and finally a UV filter before being successfully connected to the plumbing within the household.

    "Mike was brilliant from start to finish. He put in time and effort to guarantee the install ran quickly and professionally. He also went out of his way to help eliminate any leaks, to ensure the longevity of our system. 12 months on and we are still very happy with our water system and Mike is as always just a phone call away in case we need any help or advice. We would highly recommend his services"

    Galit Leuchter - Client, 8-8-16

  • Eurogarages - A40 Raglan, South Wales

    Complete Design, Supply, Installation and Commission

    Our client requested rainwater harvesting to supply water for the public toilets within this new build service station. Orchard Watercare Ltd. designed a suitable system for collecting the rain from approx. 2,000 sq. metres and storing it in 2 x 30,000 litre tanks which are connected together. A duty standby pump arrangement was employed to preserve the pump life and to always have a back up should one of the pumps fail.
    One tank receives water from the service station building and the other from the canopy over the petrol pumps. Each tank utilises a filter system housed inside a chamber, to prevent any debris entering the tanks. This chamber, known as our unique Rainpac, comes with an inspection hatch for ease of maintenance.
    2 systems were installed, one on each side of the carriageway.

    Photos show the tank installation and the Rainpac prior to being back filled and concreted.

  • O'Donovan Waste Disposal - Wembley

    Complete Supply, Installation and Commission

    Orchard Watercare installed a complete rainwater harvesting system at the new O'Donovan waste disposal site in Wembley.
    The system consists of 2 x 30,000 litre tanks which collect rainwater via a siphonic drainage system.
    Both tanks are connected and both contain an intelligent submersible pump which supply water on demand.
    One pump supplies water to a dust suppressent system installed inside the building, and this water is filtered and then passed through an ozone control panel which removes any bacteria in the water.
    The second pump provides water to approx. 200 metres of lagged pipe which we installed around the perimeter fence. The pipe is connected to 6 outdoor taps and also a sprinkler system.
    A mains water top up system was also installed in the event of a drought period.

  • Landrover dealership - Stafford

    Complete Design, Supply and Commission

    A rainwater harvesting system was required to provide water for fleet washing area thus utilising ‘free’ water. Orchard was consulted throughout the design process and specified a dual pump system where each pump would operate alternatively, this also provided back up should one pump fail. A 16,800 litre horizontal tank was supplied to harvest the water from a siphonic drainage system, prior to the tank the water passes through our Aquatrio filter which is ideally suited to this application being capable of handling 5 litres/sec at 98% efficiency. A mains water top up system was supplied to replenish the tanks with water in the event of a drought.

    The photographs show our 16,800 litre tank mounted on a mezzanine above the service bay and the pump control system which is installed next to the tank.

  • Keepmoat

    Complete Supply, Installation and Commission

    Orchard Watercare are currently working on several developments for Keepmoat throughout Yorkshire where we supply the complete rainwater harvesting systems, i.e. tanks, filters, pumps, controls etc.
    We project manage the installations, liaising with other contractors to ensure installation is carried out correctly before carrying out the final install and commission.
    Orchard take full responsibility for the rainwater harvesting project providing peace of mind for our client.

  • Corby Borough Council

    Project - Troubleshoot Existing Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    A new development at Colyers Gardens in Corby included the installation of rainwater harvesting systems. However, many of these systems had not been installed correctly meaning that they were either not working at all or not efficiently. Orchard were contracted to troubleshoot and ensure all systems were fully functional. The systems already installed were supplied by a competitor who co-operated with Orchard when it came to supplying spare parts and offering advice. In total, 80 systems were recovered and are now working correctly - the average cost to repair was a fraction of the cost of the system making this contract worthwhile. To finish off the project, Orchard spent 4 days training plumbers and electricians from Corby Borough Council in order that they could carry out any corrective or maintenance work in the future.

  • Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate

    Project - a rain water harvesting system was required to supply vehicle washing water

    The site for the water storage tank was pre-selected by the client therefore limiting the diameter and the height and subsequently the volume of the tank. A suitable tank could not be sourced anywhere so Orchard commissioned a custom tank to be made.
    As the system was only required to serve one outdoor tap, the Watercare 1000 control system was selected which provides ample water delivery and pressure for the application.
    Because the system was being used in a food environment, UV disinfection filtering was required as a precaution to ensure all bacteria in the recycled water was removed.
    Throughout the project, Orchard Watercare provided information and drawings to assist the installation team. Several site visits were made during the installation to ensure smooth running prior to Orchard commissioning the system.

    "We calculated the fresh water savings on the tank and we are close to 1 million litres of rain water saving on potable water by the year end since installed" - Alan Winn, Facilities Team

  • 53,000ft² Egg Packing and Distribution Centre

    M&E Contractor: Watsons Building Services Ltd

    A rainwater harvesting system was required in the packaging store to serve the wash bay area thus utilising ‘free’ water. Orchard was consulted throughout the design process and eventually specified the Watercare 2230 system along with a 6,000 litre horizontal tank. As this system was being used in a food environment, UV disinfection filtering was required as a precaution to ensure all bacteria in the recycled water was removed. Siphonic drainage was designed into the building providing water under pressure being delivered to the collection tank. Our Aquatrio filter was ideally suited to this application being capable of handling 5 litres/sec at 98% efficiency, contributing to a 'Very Good' BREEAM rating awarded.

    The photographs show our 6,000 litre tank mounted on a mezzanine above the wash bay (bottom left) and the pump control system (bottom right) which is installed next to the tank.

    “We were pleased to work alongside Orchard Watercare on this project and utilise their expertise to complete a very successful project”

    David Bottomley, Director at Watsons

  • Clayfield Construction

    A modern and energy efficient housing development

    Rainwater Harvesting is proving very popular in the design of sustainable housing along with the installation of solar energy, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint whilst saving the householder on running costs.
    These houses were built by Clayfield Construction on a site which contains a total of 24 houses. Each house incorporates our Watercare 1000 control panel and our OW1214 tank. All houses have a large pitched roof facing due south and fitted with solar panels.